Content Smiles: Tooth Hazards

To make sure your smile stays protected against the risk of tooth decay, dental erosion, and any other forms of damage, make sure you understand tooth hazard risks in your life that could cause these forms of damage. Often, a failure to appropriately clean out your mouth can lead to microscopic damage. Furthermore, exercise caution with day-to-day activities and chores... read more »

The Benefits of Dental Veneers

We are pleased to offer dental veneers as a cosmetic dental option to help you beautify your smile. Many patients prefer these dental restorations, and even celebrities use them to achieve smiles that are always camera-ready. Below we review the benefits of dental veneers to to help you know how these restorations can improve your smile. Dental veneers are thin... read more »

Is Bad Breath a Serious Disorder?

Have you ever wondered what bad breath is and what causes it? Although it can often be misconstrued as smells arising from foods you eat, bad breath is often the result of bacterial odors that emanate from your mouth. Bad breath can be caused by a variety of underlying conditions including infection in your mouth, such as toothaches, or disorders... read more »