The Benefits of Dental Veneers

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We are pleased to offer dental veneers as a cosmetic dental option to help you beautify your smile. Many patients prefer these dental restorations, and even celebrities use them to achieve smiles that are always camera-ready. Below we review the benefits of dental veneers to to help you know how these restorations can improve your smile.

Dental veneers are thin shells that are custom made to look like your natural teeth but with a more aesthetic shape to enhance their appearance. With the use of a high-quality dental porcelain, you can receive dental veneers that match your original tooth enamel or are even a few shades lighter to brighten your smile.

A common reason to receive dental veneers is to correct flaws in the teeth such as cracks, discoloration and chips that could negatively affect the appearance of your smile If dental veneers are placed over these teeth they will make your smile more uniform and white. Overall, dental veneers protect the teeth and improve the quality of any damaged or unflattering areas.

Our dentist applies a dental-grade adhesive in order to bond the veneers to the tooth surface and help them last as long as a decade, especially with proper brushing and flossing habits. The durability that helps dental veneers last so long also combines with a beautiful aesthetic that results in a bright, beautiful smile.

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