Content Smiles: Tooth Hazards

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To make sure your smile stays protected against the risk of tooth decay, dental erosion, and any other forms of damage, make sure you understand tooth hazard risks in your life that could cause these forms of damage. Often, a failure to appropriately clean out your mouth can lead to microscopic damage. Furthermore, exercise caution with day-to-day activities and chores that you may have in your everyday life. To keep your smile safe from oral accidents and tooth hazards that can produce them, be aware of some of the common oral health risks.

Keeping your smile safe includes being aware of the risks associated with not wearing effective safety equipment. If you fail to use proper safety gear such as mouth guards or face masks, you can leave your smile open to vulnerabilities associated with oral accidents and injuries. If you’re involved in any contact sports, even a single strike or blow to the face can damage your smile and leave you with decades of repairs in your future. Rather than having your smile destroyed in seconds, always take the time to add an additional layer of protection with the use of mouth guards.

One tooth hazard risk that many individuals are often faced with is due to biting into hard products. Although teeth do seem to be strong, they are not designed to bite into hard products. If you try to bite into hard products such as cough drops, they can easily chip and crack your teeth. Even if you were able to bite through them as a youngster, your smile might have weakened over time and is no longer effective for biting into these substances.

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