Dental X-Rays: Taking Selfies of Your Inner Teeth

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As interesting as they are, your dental X-rays aren’t done for Instagram. They are only for your dentist to determine the health of your teeth from the inside. Being able to take a look at the internal workings of the tooth, gum and jawbone is a necessary and valuable task for a dentist.

The most common type of dental X-ray is called a “bitewing X-ray.” They are called that because of the plastic, wing-shaped film that you are made to bite down upon when the picture is being taken. Normally, the X-ray camera will be pressed tightly against your cheek as this procedure is being done. It’s probably not the most comfortable part of seeing the dentist, but it is critically important.

You will need to have two bitewing X-rays taken, one on each side of the mouth for the dentist to study the upper and lower molars and bicuspids in a single view. they is looking for any decay hiding between the back teeth and to confirm proper alignment. It can also help to discover any bone loss due to advancing periodontal disease or serious infection. A bitewing X-ray shows clearly the size and shape of the tooth within the gum and jawbone, allowing exact measurement of root depth, which gives the dentist the ability to predict advancing periodontal disease.

Normally, because they provide so much vital information, your dentist will want you to have new bitewing X-rays taken every year. They top the list of necessary tools your dentist will use in order to assess the condition of your teeth because these x-rays shine a light on the areas that are more difficult to otherwise see. Detecting cavities and decay inside and in between teeth would be much harder if not impossible without this modern miracle.

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